Berkhamsted has seen some fantastic weather over recent days.  However, while we have the luxury of changing into shorts and t-shirts, our four-legged friends aren't as lucky being stuck with their furry coat!

Walk the Dog, the award winning pet care company based in Berkhamsted, has top tips for pet owners on how to ensure your pet stays safe in the sun, and what signs to look out for if you suspect your pet may suffering from over heating.

Our top tips...

· Pets can get easily dehydrated, ensure they have access to fresh, clean water at all times

· Make sure your pet has a shady or cool place to rest

· Avoid long walks in the mid-day heat, instead play with your pet in a shady or cooler area to reduce the risk of over heating

· Pets with flatter faces like Boxers, Pugs, Persian cats, struggle in the heat more than others breeds as they cannot pant as effectively.  And pets that are over weight, or suffering from heart and lung diseases should be kept in a cool area

· Avoid leaving your pet in the car, as parked car can quickly act like a furnace, leading to fatal heat stroke

· If you have a paddling pool which your pet enjoys splashing around in, make sure your pet is supervised at all times.  Wash your pet after swimming to ensure any chlorine or salt from the water is off his coat, and discourage your pet from drinking the swimming pool or canal water as this contains chemicals and bacteria that can lead to an upset stomach

· Ensure your pet cannot get access to open windows.  Often in the summer there is an increase in the number of accidents with pets (mainly cats) that have fallen out of open windows

· Pets with a thick coat will benefit from a good groom and cut

· Avoid walks on tarmac and pavement as the ground quickly heats up and this can burn your dog’s paws and tummy, and avoid requests to “sit” at the roadside, as this may potentially burn your dog’s bottom on a hot day

Over heating - signs to look out for; if your pet displays any of the following signs, you should seek veterinary attention immediately.  These signs include; excessive panting, difficulty in breathing, increased heart and respiratory rate, drooling, mild weakness, stupor, bloody diarrhea, vomiting, and even collapse.

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