Friday 1st April; Harley and Bullitt were very pleased to see me today after the two week break. There was lots of wagging tails and stretches when I arrived. I let them into the garden and then took Harley out first for his walk. He was really good and calm today and we practiced heelwork. He was very good and because he was doing so well we stayed out a little longer and the sun was shining too! Harley enjoyed his walk and then we headed back. Bullitt whizzed around excitedly when we got back and was ready for his turn. We walked through the park where we saw lots of dogs and one playing frisbee. Bullitt stood on his back legs trying to get a better view! We walked to the quieter area where we practiced some heelwork and Bullitt was much calmer today than before. He enjoyed a sniff around before we headed back. When we got back we had some playtime. Harley got very excited and the boys played with each other being very silly. I left the back door open and they both wandered in and out and Harley chewed up his rawhide. I gave them both lots of fuss and they couldn't wait for their kong toys as I left them.