Thursday 14th October; I have been looking forward to seeing Dougal all week and I was greeted warmly with a wagging tail! Dougal had chewed up some wood and the stuffing of his bear was all over the room so I tidied up before we headed out. Today Dougal and I walked for a total of 20 mins, along to the stables near the Marchmont Arms and then back around. Along the way Dougal met a poodle friend who he had a nice interaction with and Dougal looked pleased to have met a friend! In the stables we met a lovely piebald horse. I stroked him while Dougal watched and licked my hand! Dougal padded along next to me walking beautifully on the lead and then spotted a black bird on the floor which Dougal stalked and then tried to chase away! For the final 10mins in the garden Dougal and I played with various balls. Dougal couldn't choose what one he wanted so he attempted to carry the pink and yellow balls both at the same time! Dougal had fun in the garden and then we had a big cuddle before it was time to head inside. I gave Dougal fresh water and some treats in his Kong to keep him amused before I left. I popped your key far through the catflap as I was worried Dougal may try to eat it if I put it through the letterbox. Hope to see him soon at his new house!