Saturday 30th April; I said hello to Misty who was in her usual position by the sofa and she meowed hello. I adjusted the blinds and popped the post onto the side and washed up her bowl.  I gave Misty her medicine on her prawn wet food and topped up her dried and fresh water.  I placed the rubbish outside then watered the plants and told Misty her mum would be back very soon then said goodbye for the final time.

hursday 28th April; Misty was again down by the sofa this morning and I checked she was ok.  She had eaten lots of her food from yesterday which was great and I washed up her bowls and prepared her food and medicine plus fresh water.  I adjusted the blinds and said goodbye to Misty - it's looking very grey outside so I have given the plants and grass a day off from watering as it's predicted to rain. I will see Misty again on Saturday.

Wednesday 27th April; Misty was tucked down by the side of the sofa and she meowed at me.  She let me give her a cheek rub and I was pleased she was ok with me doing that - hopefully she's forgiven me for yesterday's ordeal at the vets!  Having checked Misty was ok, I adjusted the blinds then washed up her bowl and prepared her food - prawn today with some of her medicine and then fresh water and dried mix.  I watered the plants and popped the empty cardboard box into the green bin and will keep my eye on Misty to ensure she's eating her wet food with the Metacam on it.

Tuesday 26th April; Concerned that I couldn't find Misty and her food hadn't been eaten I sent a text to update.  I then went outside for a hunt around the garden and bin areas.  I found Misty tucked under a bush and not in the best of moods.  I picked her up and bought her inside and gave her a check to ensure she was ok.  Her back leg still seems sore and she walked gingerly on it as I placed her next to her food.  Misty tucked into her dried food and I stayed with her to ensure she was ok and eating.  The cat flap dial was on close, so I opened this up and taped down the catch on the left so Misty can come and go. I will be taking Misty to the vets so she can have another check up and some anti inflammatory for her leg.

Easter Sunday 24th April; Misty wasn't around this morning, I had a look upstairs and around the garden so she must have been out on the early morning Easter prowl.  I washed up her bowls and wiped over the tray and this morning I also gave her a drop of milk from the fridge as a little treat.  I watered the plants in the garden and gave the grass a drink too.  I adjusted the blinds upstairs and hope to see Misty on my next visit.