New Year's Day - Saturday 1st January; Roscoe went on a play date with Howard the basset hound today.  He jumped into the boot of my landrover and off we went to the fields by Bridgewater school which are lovely.  Roscoe wasn't sure what to make of Howard with his long floppy ears and droopy eyes.  Howard wagged his tail and they both had a sniff of one another's bottoms.  Roscoe and Howard then enjoyed long sniffs at the bushes and grasses along the bridle ways and stopped every so often for a munch on some grass.  Howard attempted to coax Roscoe into some play by racing around and play bowing and Roscoe did some play bows back, however, was a little unsure what to make of it all.  We then met Gilly the 8 yrs old Labrador and Roscoe was interested in saying hello and wagged his tail and sniffed at Gilly's mouth then politely around the back.  We said goodbye and continued on with Roscoe sussing out some great rabbit holes on route.  We walked through three and a half fields before it was time to turn tail and head back home.  Roscoe decided he didn't fancy the boot this time and so self-elected himself onto the front passenger seat.  He was very happy here as he enjoyed a chin stroke from me and could watch the world go by as we headed back home.  At the house I gave Roscoe's paws a wipe down then handed him back to his granddad.  Roscoe was happy to be back and picked up his long rope toy as I said goodbye and Happy New Year. See attached.