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Tuppence and Penny - pet diary

Sturday 4th June am; Tuppence was in the kitchen and watched me close the door and say good morning to her.  She let me stroke her then pottered around supervising as I cleaned out their litter and swept up, before preparing breakfast.  The sound of the food bag rustling got Penny up and she came into the kitchen looking forward to breakfast.  The girls munched on their food as I changed their water and popped the dirty litter outside.  I told them they would be seeing their mum again very soon, as they crunched down enjoing they feast.

Friday 3rd June am; Tuppence was waiting in the kitchen for me, accustomed to me arriving early for their feeds.  Penny pottered down the stairs as I filled their bowls and changed their water.  I cleaned out all the litter today in the tray and replaced it with fresh litter from the bag which I popped away in the cupboard together with the bag of food.  I popped this outside and brought in the delivery left by the postman and placed this onto the worktop.  I gave Tuppence a stroke as she ate then said goodbye for today.

Thursday 2nd June am; Tuppence was dozing in bed with Penny this morning and she slowly made her way down the stairs and munched down on her food as I popped the bowls down. Penny decided she was going to have a lay in.  I refreshed the cats water and then cleaned out the litter and swept around Tuppence, who gave me a little dirty look for disturbing her meal as I swept near her paws.  I popped the dirty litter outside into the black bin then left Tuppence to enjoy the rest of her meal in peace.

Wednesday 1st June am; Tuppenence was once again downstairs looking to see who was coming through the door. She enjoyed a gentle stroke from me then weaved around the kitchen as I chatted to her and prepared her food. Penny trottered down the steps and the girls tucked into their food as I cleaned out their litter tray and swept up as the girls had managed to scatter their litter across the floor.  I popped the dirty litter outside and then left the girls to enjoy a good breakfast.

Tuesday 31st May am; Tuppence heard me coming in and ran to see who was there.  She weaved around me and I chatted away to her as I prepared their food. Penny raced down and she too was hungry for her breakfast. The girls tucked into their food as I cleaned out the litter and swept up.  The girls ate loudly and hungrily, changing bowls a couple of times to check what the other was having which made me smile.  I popped the dirty litter into the black bin and bid the girls 'adieu' - they ignored me as they were too engrossed in food :)

Bank Holiday Monday 30th May AM; Tuppence was dozing in the front room whn I arrived and she let me stroke her gently after sniffing my hand. Penny then pottered down the stairs as I chatted away to them and sorted out their breakfast and food. The girls nose dived into their food as I cleaned out their litter and swept up.  The girls were very happy as they munched down and I said goodbye for today, having placed the dirty litter outside into the bin.

Sunday 29th May AM; Tuppance tiptoed down the stairs and popped her head around the corner to see who was home, followed by Penny. The girls definately know me now and weaved around waiting hungrily for their breakfast.  As soon as I popped it onto the food, the girls nose dived into the bowls and munched down - sending bits of kibble over the floor.  As they ate their food I cleaned out their litter tray and popped the dirty litter into a bag and into the black bin outside.  The girls were only interested in their food, so I left them to enjoy their breakfast in peace. See attached picture.

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