Saturday 16th June am; Stevey was asleep under his hut while Tigger and Cosmo waiting patiently for their food. I popped the empty cartoon of wet food into the green bin and as the cats ate, I went to see to Stevey.  I noticed the fridge light wasn't on when I arrived.  I'm not sure why it's off - so I do hope everything is OK?  I sorted out Stevey and chatted to him - he popped his head out to say hello. Then I told him the family would be back later.

Friday 15th July am; Stevey was dozing as usual while Tigger meowed at me and weaved around me to hurry up.  I gave Stevey some fresh food and water and then washed up the cats bowls and prepared their food.  Tigger had a munch down on his wet food, no Cosmo around this morning.

PM; Cosmo and Tigger were both pleased to see me this evening they weaved around me and purred away.  I chatted to them as I washed up their bowls and then the boys tucked into their food. Stevey was pottering around and I prepared his salad and grapes plus fresh water, before popping on the hall light and saying goodbye.

Thursday 14th July am; Stevey was asleep under his hut and shifted around a little as I said good morning.  Meanwhile Tigger meowed loudly at me t oget on with their breakfast as Cosmo weaved around me purring.  The boys dived into their salmon feast this morning and munched down as I changed their water and topped up their dried food.  I left Cosmo still eating while Tigger went outside for a potter around.

PM; Stevey was dozing away while Cosmo and Tigger meowed away at me.  I changed Stevey's water and then set about preparing his grapes and fresh salad.  Tigger and Cosmo enjoyed a feast of salmon for this evening. 

Wednesday 13th July am; Stevey was asleep while Cosmo and Tigger were happy to see me and weaved around me for food. Tigger meowed to hurry me up with their breakfast. This morning they had a double whammy of lamb and Cosmo wasted no time in chomping down as I popped their food onto the floor.

PM; Stevey was asleep again when I arrived while Cosmo and Tigger weaved around me in the kitchen as they waited for me to wash up.  They dived into their food munching down eating loudly.  I gave Stevey some more courgette and salad this evening and said goodbye as he snoozed away under his hut.

Tuesday 12th July am; Cosmo was meowing by the back door so I let him in and he and Tigger were very friendly wanting their breakfast.  I gave the bs lots of fuss and having washed up they then tucked into their food.  Stevey wa dozing under his hut and I changed his water and prepared his salad leaves for him and left him to rest in peace.

PM; This evening Stevey enjoyed a little bath and I wiped his bottom as he had a little poop stuck on it! He enjoyed some courgette with salad and fresh water and I popped some Cali powder on his nibbles too.  Cosmo and Tigger enjoyed lots of fuss and a head rub then tucked into their dinner with gusto.

Monday 11th July am; Tigger was sunbathing on the drive this morning and enjoyed a long fuss and head rub.  Cosmo was pottering around the back while Stevey came out for his breakfast and sunbathed under the lamp.  I refreshed the little ones water and food and as the salad bits are going off I gave Stevey a little bit of cucumber and will get some fresh salad for him for dinner.  Cosmo tucked into his chicken this morning while Tigger decided to stay out and enjoy the sunshine.

PM; Stevey was being pretty active this evening and enjoyed a fuss, while Cosmo enjoyed a head rub. Tigger was pottering outside so only Cosmo and Stevey munched down on their grub this evening.  I said goodbye to the boys until tomorrow.

Sunday 10th July am; Cosmo and Tigger were in the kitchen and seemed happy to see me.  I chatted away to them as I washed up and prepared their food.  Cosmo and Tigger nose dived into their wet food while Stevey dozed under his hut as I picked out the old pieces of salad and refreshed his salad and water.  I left the litte ones munching down.

PM; Stevey was sunbathing under his lamp when I arrived and enjoyed a little stroke - he popped his head out and seemed to like the fuss. Tigger was very vocal this evening as if to hurry me along with his food, so I washed up the bowls and he tucked into his Felix. Cosmo wasn't around this evening.

Saturday 9th July am; Stevey was up and about this morning, and he munched down on some of the fresh lettuce I popped down for him. I changed his water and then went to see Tigger who enjoyed a long head rub. Cosmo wasn't about this evening, so I washed up their bowls and prepared the cats fod and Tigger wasted no time in munching down.

pm; Tigger came out to meet me and he meowed away at me as if to hurry me along with the feeds. I said hello to Stevey who was tucked up under this hut and I refreshed his food and water and then saw to Tigger.  Cosmo wasn't around again this evening.

Friday 8th July PM; Stevey was asleep under his wooden bridge and I left him dozing while I said hello to Tigger who was outside on the drive when I arrived and he came in with me.  Cosmo was in the kitchen and all three of us had a little love-in with strokes and lots of purring from the boys, and Tigger meowing for me to hurry up and feed him his wet food!  As soon as I placed the bowls down the boys tucked in.  I scoped out the dried salad and refreshed Stevey's for him then said goodbye for the evening.