Wednesday 29th June am; Hoorah! Merlin was in the kitchen snoozing on the mat when I arrived this morning.  He enjoyed a head rub and looked incredibly sleepy as I chatted to him and went to wash up their bowls.  As I prepared their dried food breakfast Merlin headed out to the garden and enjoyed a wash in the morning sunshine.  I haven't seen Timmy during the last few days so I hope he is ok.  I said goodbye to Merlin having popped the kitchen rubbish bag into the black bin and told him his mum would be back later.

Tuesday 28th June am; The boys were being ever allusive again this morning - they're eating their food, just not around when I arrive.  So, I had a scout around the garden, then sorted out their breakfast for them.  While outside I moved the bins ready for collection tomorrow.

PM; The boys continue to be awol on me. So, I sorted out their dinner and said hello to the fishes who enjoyed a munch down on their flakes.  I am sure the boys are watching me from afar as I wonder in the garden looking out for them!

Monday 27th June am; With the sun already out and shinning I wasn't suprised not to see the boys this morning, as they were obviously out and about having fun.  I washed up their bowls and prepared their dried food and fresh water and opened up the curtains and instead said hello to the fishes. Maybe I will be lucky and see the boys tonight!

PM; No Merlin and Timmy again this evening - they must be having so much fun with the extended light over the summertime.  So I chatted to the fish and they munched on their flakes and pellet food while I closed the curtains and said goodbye for today.

Sunday 26th June pm; Neither Timmy or Merlin were around when I arrived, so I prepared their dinner for them and had a scout around the garden before I left. I do hope to see the boys tomorrow!