Tuesday 5th April; It was soo lovely to see Stanley today, I figured it must be around a year to a year and half ago I saw him last!! Stanley definately remembered me and it was good to see Kim and baby Bertie in his spaceship too. Stanley and I made our way to the canal, he remembered some heeling and the 'wait' that I taught him down the steps which he did automatically without having to remind him, how clever! Stanley was then off for a run around, being his usual silly self and bouncing from side to side. Stanley had a lovely time being out and about along the canal and had a thorough sniff around. We went towards Bourne End before heading back. On the way home we met the nice old lady who knows Stanley who lives down your road. She gave him a fuss which he enjoyed and she remembered me too. I hope I get to see Stanley again soon, who couldn't love him!