Monday 18th April; Murphy was on top of the fence gate when I arrived and was very vocal.  We had a chat and her enjoyed lots of fuss, then I let Rolo and Treacle out while I washed out the cats bowls as they had a lot of old food stuck to them.  Murphy watched me then Chloe popped along to see what was going on.  I said hello and prepared their food and water and Murphy got stuck into his tuna food.  I cleaned out the hutches this morning so it was all nice and fresh for the little ones.  I popped Treacle away once I finished her hutch and prepared her food and water, then let Bailey out - Rolo really seems to like her.  The pair of them pushed out a lot of the earth from under her hutch while I cleaned out Rolo's hutch and prepared his food and water then Bailey's.  I gave all the bunnies some fresh hay to munch on and Treacle was having fun rearranging her litter tray and throwing her bowl around to make her hutch her home again.  I said goodbye to the little ones and Murphy and said that their mum would be back to see them all very soon.

Friday 15th April; I let Rolo out for a mooch around while I washed the cats bowls and prepared their food.  Murphy was very vocal hoping the more he meowed the quicker I would have the tuna food ready :)  He nose dived into the bowl and Chloe came over to see me but wasn't too bothered about her breakfast.  Meanwhile, I said hello to the bunnies and refreshed their water.  Bailey went straight to her water and took a long drink while Treacle watched me cleaned out her poop in the litter and refresh with new shavings.  I gave each of the bunnies their excel mix and half a carrot and a handful of fresh hay to munch on.  Rolo, Bailey and Treacle all tucked into their carrot first of all.  I swept up around the floor as Rolo had had a good dig under the girls hutches sending the pebbles and earth flying.  Then gave Murphy some more strokes and fuss as he happily munched.  I will see the little ones again on Monday morning.

Thursday 14th April; Murphy popped through the cat flap and meowed hello.  He enjoyed a big fuss from me and chatted away.  Chloe walked over to say hello then settled on the steps to watch me chat to the bunnies.  I clipped Bailey's claws today - I didn't take them down too much as I didn't have my Trimmex with me and wanted to err on the side of caution.  I did have a look at Treacle and Rolo's claws, however, I think it will be easier to have someone else holding them while I clip as they were a little more wriggly and I didn't want to cause any unneccessary stress.  I let Bailey and Rolo pad around the run while I sorted out all the waters and food and refreshed the sawdust in Treacle and Rolo's litter tray.  I then popped Bailey back and Treacle had a pad around.  Meanwhile, Murphy happily tucked into his wet food with Chloe by his side.  I popped a handful of fresh hay into the hutches for them to munch on and popped all the little ones away.  Chloe had pottered of to the back of the garden slowly followed by Murphy.

Wednesday 13th April; Murphy was sat on the drive way when I arrived and I said hello and he mewoed a few times at me.  He was very friendly and enjoyed lots of fuss.  I encouraged him to follow me into the back and Chloe was there and meowed hello too.  She let me give her a cheek rub and they both watched me as I let Rolo and Bailey out their hutches for a run around while I prepared their food.  I refreshed all the little ones water and cleaned out the poop and wee'd on bedding in the corners for each bunny.  Rolo made me laugh as he kept trying to trash the nicely made food bowl with half a carrot I had prepared for Bailey's hutch.  I then popped Bailey away (after Rolo had had a full investigation of her hutch and she with his) and then Treacle out.  She enjoyed herself doing blinkys around the run around.  I then prepared hers and Rolo's water and food and gave them each some hay to munch on.  I then popped them away once I had prepared Murphy's and Chloe's food. Rolo picked up his bowl from the holder and turned it upside down then munched away.  Meanwhile, I washed the cats bowl with the outside tap and Murphy chomped down on his tuna wet food as I topped up their dried food and chnaged their water.  Chloe had pottered off elsewhere so I said goodbye to them all and will attempt some claw clipping tomorrow as they've met me properly today and should be happier with me doing this with them tomorrow.