Monday 6th June; Connie came down from the upstairs to greet me and we had our cuddles before I washed up her bowl and prepared her breakfast.  As Connie ate I chatted to her and opened up the curtains and blinds and then she enjoyed strokes in between her mouthfuls.  I told her her mum would be back later then I said goodbye.

Sunday 5th June; Connie was asleep curled up on the sofa and didn't even hear me come in as I opened up their blinds in the kitchen and dining area.  She blinked herself awake as I opened up the curtains in the lounge and she purred as I chatted to her and gave her some morning strokes.  I washed Connie's bowls and prepared her breakfast, although Connie had decided to have a Sunday lay in and stayed on the sofa and went back to bed.

PM; Well it was a first for me and Connie this evening as she came presented me with a gift - a rather large dead mouse.  I thanked her for it as she popped it onto the carpet in the dining area then quickly disposed of it outside into the bin!  I washed up her bowl and tonight she enjoyed some prawn food as I pulled to the curtains and blinds.  I then left Connie to munch in peace, happy with herself and her gift she had given me.

Saturday 4th June; Connie was dozing on the carpet near the steps to the lounge and purred as I stroked her and said good morning.  She weaved around me and I opened up the curtains and blinds and chatted away.  Darth was swimming around the pond with his friends and Connie hopped from one foot to another as I opened up some prawn for her breakfast today.  Connie tucked in after I'd washed up and placed her food down.  I said goodbye to Connie until later.

PM; Connie was sleeping on the sofa when I arrived. She enjoyed a fuss and meowed then jumped down and followed me around as I closed the blinds and curtains.  Connie enjoyed some tuna for her tea and fresh water.  I checked on the fish who were floating around enjoying the early evening sun and then said goodbye to Connie and let her enjoy her dinner in peace.

Friday 3rd June pm; Connie was on the sofa when I arrived and leapt down for a cuddle.  She purred away as I chatted to her - I told her how much I had missed her and she weaved around me purring as I washed her bowl and feed her her food and fresh water.  As Connie munched down on her food, I went about the house and pulled the curtains too and the blinds down, then popped the tea towel in the dishwater door to make it ajar, as per your note.  I left a happy Connie munching away.