Friday 8th July; Simmie was asleep in his bed by the washing hanger and pottered down the stairs meowing hello loudly.  He rubbedhis head into my hand as I made a fuss and then I sat him on my lap and he purred away as he took his tablet.  I cleaned out Simmie's litter and popped the rubbish in the bin outside then set about preparing his breakfast.  Simmie wasted no time in munching down on his food.

Thursday 7th July; Simmie must have been asleep upstairs as I called him a couple of times then went about cleaning out his tray.  Simmie then pottered down the stairs and did his loud meowing 'hello' to me.  He enjoyed a long head rub from the stairs then a cuddle, which he lightly purred at.  Simmie then hopped onto the chair in the dining area to watch me wash up and refresh his water as I chatted to him. Every so often he joined in the conversation with a croaky meow back.  I read the notes which said Simmie's not due his medication until tomorrow, so Simmie then tuck into his beef breakfast as soon as I popped his food down.  I adjusted the curtains in the lounge so there was a gap for Simmie to look out of later and then gave Simmie a final stroke goodbye until later.

PM; Simmie was dozing again upstairs when I arrived and enjoyed a good fuss as I went about checking his litter and washing up his bowls to prepare his food.  Simmie enjoyed a munch down and I gave him strokes as he ate.  I told him I would be back tomorrow then he would be seeing his mum very soon.