Tuesday 26th April; Harriet gave me a warm welcome then she weaved around me as I chatted to her and wahed up their bowls. Sassy looked at me through the door then came inside and the cats tucked into their food.  I gave Harriet a groom as she ate and she purred in between mouthfuls! I left the girls happily munching and look forwrad to seeing them again soon.

Bank Holiday Monday 25th April; Harriet came out to see me again this morning and Sassy popped herself through the cat flap and watched me from the other side.  I chatted away to Harriet who was purring lightly and waiting patiently for her breakfast.  I washed up their bowls and then prepared their dried food and chicken this morning.  Sassy's stomach got the better of her and she hopped back through to the kitchen and the pair of them tucked into their food.  I said goodbye to the girls and told them their mum would be back very soon.

Easter Sunday 24th April; Harriet greeted me at the kitchen door and purred as I made a good fuss of her.  I washed up their bowls and refreshed their water then Harriet tucked into her food. Sassy was feeling brave and come inside and enjoyed her Easter feast too.  I left two happy cats munching down.

Saturday 23rd April; Harriet was in the snig again this morning and pottered over for a stroke.  I gave her a little groom then set about washing their bowls and preparing their breakfast. Sassy was on the patio and watched me potter about. Harriet nose dived into her wet food as soon as I placed her dish onto the floor.

Good Friday 22nd April pm; Harriet was in the snug and meowed hello and was very affectionate.  She enjoyed a long stroke as I chatted away to her.  Sassy was in the garden looking at the insects whizzing around in front of her in the flower bed.  I refreshed their water and then prepared their dinner of dried food and some lovely wet food. Harriet wasted no time in chomping on her dinner.