Bank Holiday Monday 25th April; Stan was under the bed dozing with his paws tucked under his body when I arrived. He opened one eye to see who was there then went back to sleep.  I washed up his bowl then gave him his breakfast and then cleaned out his tray and hoovered around the room as Stan had done a good job at kicking his litter around the room.  I left sleeping beauty still enjoying his rest under the bed.  I said goodbye and told him his mum would be back very soon.

Easter Sunday 24th April; Stan was under the bed watching me as I prepared his food and chatted away to him from the other room.  I cleaned out the litter and collected the scattered litter from around the floor then refreshed Stan's water.  He definately seems more confident with me now.  I left a sleepy looking Stan resuming his Sunday lay in.

Saturday 23rd April; I cleaned up the litter and hoovered in the little room then refreshed Stan's water.  Having washed up his bowl and topped up his dried food I prepared his beef breakfast. Stan suprised me as he came over to say hello and sniffed my hand before letting me give him a gentle cheek rub which was very brave of him.  I chatted away to him and he went over to his breakfast and had a little nosh.  I left Stan munching away happily.