Easter Sunday 24th April am; Both Lenny and Zak enjoyed a cuddle from me this morning and they purred as I held each in turn. Zak had been looking out for me in the window of dining the room.  They seemed pleased to have company and I chatted awy as they purred while I washed their bowl, popped it away then changed their water and prepared their dried food.  Zak munched down as I cleaned the tray and swept around it then I went to play with Lenny by his bed although he was more interested in strokes. Zak joined in and the pair of them enjoyed all the fuss.  I opened up the curtains and popped off the light upstairs and told them their mum would be back later today.

Saturday 23rd April am; Lenny did a very long stretch in the hallway and purred when I said hello and stroked him. Zak raced down stairs to enjoy some fuss from me too.  Then I set about washing up their bowls and preparing their brekki.  Zak had a scratch on the post before tucking into his breakfast with gusto. Meanwhile Lenny decided to watch the wildlife in the garden and enjoy another head rub.  I swept up around the litter and then said goodbye to the boys and I told them I would see them again later.

PM; Lenny came to meet me at the door and was quickly followed by Zak who had been by the patio doors looking out.  The pair of them were very happy to have company and purred away as I sat with him and gave them long strokes. This evening the boys enjoyed some of their wet food and as they nhoshed down I scooped out their poop and then sewpt around their litter tray.  I pulled to the curtains in the dining area and also upstairs in the bedroom and popped on the light.  I said goodbye to the boys and will see them again tomorrow.