Friday 15th April am; I called out to Bramble hoping to see her this morning and she meowed loudly at me as she pottered downstairs.  I gave her a food fuss and was pleased to see she had eaten all her wet food from last night.  I washed up her bowls and prepared a double helping of wet food and dried plus fresh water as your note mentioned you may be delayed in returning.  I gave Bramble some strokes as she ate then opened up the blinds and curtains.  Today looks to be a little nicer than yesterday.  I told Bramble that her mum would be back very soon. Meanwhile, I popped the milk into the fridge.

Thursday 14th April pm; I got to Bramble around 5pm ish and couldn't find her anywhere although she had eaten some of her food from earlier.  I looked in the garden and popped my head around the rooms, so I hope she's ok.  I prepared her dinner and fresh water then went about closing curtains and blinds.  I hope to see Bramble tomorrow.

Monday 11th April am; Bramble meowed at me angrily and I gave her a head rub and chatted to her.  She enjoyed listening to me and was soon gently purring, especially as I gave her some Sheba which she politely munched on as I refreshed her water and dried food.  I popped the old food into the bin and opened up the curtains and blinds and stayed with Bramble and praised her as she ate as I think she's a little bit lonely. I told her Polly would be seeing her later and I would see her again on Thursday.

Sunday 10th April am; Bramble was in the hallway when I arrived and did her usual meow hello to me.  I gave Bramble a good stroke and then washed up her bowls and prepared her breakfast - chicken this morning with dried food and fresh water.  I opened up the curtains and blind as Bramble sniffed at her wet food.  Bramble had a mouthful and then did some more sniffing before heading back to the lounge for a Sunday lay in.

pm: Bramble was yawning away when I saw her this evening.  She meowed at me a few times and then enjoyed a long head stroke.  She rubbed her head into my hand as I chatted away to her.  I washed up her bowl and she watched me - this evening it's salmon with Iams, yummy.  I closed the blinds and curtains as Bramble took a few mouthfuls and I gave her a stroke goodbye.

Saturdauy 9th April am; Bramble pottered out of the lounge and meowed crossly at me as if to say "I'm on my own here, where have you been?" I gave her lots and lots of fuss and she weaved around me.  I was really pleased to see she had eaten all her dried food and most of her wet.  I chatted away as I washed up her bowls and prepared her feast of a breakfast. Bramble went straight for the dried food again. This morning I gave her some Sheba for a change around and refreshed her water.  Bramble tucked into her breakfast as I opened up the curtains and blinds then said goodbye until later.

PM; Bramble was sound asleep when I arrived. So I set about preparing her food, closing the curtains and watering the pot plants outside as the weather has been so good. Bramble was then awake and came over to see me, meowing hello. I gave her a stroke and showed her her food and Bramble chomped down on her dried food. I gave her a stroke then left Bramble in peace.

Friday 8th April pm; Bramble meowed loudly at me when I arrived. She enjoyed a head rub then meowed again.  I chatted away to her and she was ready for her tea.  She watched and mewoed at me as I refreshed her water then washed up her bowl.  I gave her some dried food and rabbit food tonight.  Bramble nose dived for the dried food, crunching down happily as I gave her some gentle strokes.  I pulled the blinds and curtains to and checked Bramble was all happy before saying goodbye.