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Denny, Bot Bot and Lennon - pet diary

Sunday 17th July am; Bot Bot was dozing on the carpet in the hallway and meowed gently to me as if to say "hello" - Lenny came over for a fuss and Denny made me smile as she pottered into the lounge, blinking and yawning away.  I washed up the wet food bowl and gave Lenny his brekki and topped up the dried food and changed the water.  I cleaned the litter tray out and popped the rubbish outside after opening up one of the windows and popping off the light, saying goodbye to the little ones.

Saturday 16th July am; Bot Bot was dozing by the patio door while Lenny stretched and Denny came over for a good stroke-a-thon.  I prepared their breakfast and Lenny nose dived into the wet food while Denny decided to watch me clean out the litter tray!  I turned off the light and opened up the curtains and windows in the lounge and said goodbye for this morning.

PM; Lenny sat on my lap and took his tablet while Denny scratched on her pole. Bot Bot was under the sofa snoozing.  I closed the windows and pulled to the curtains then prepared the little ones water and water - Lenny munched on his wet food. I cleaned out the litter and swept around the tray and popped on the light before saying goodbye for today.

Friday 15th July am; Lenny was snoozing away on his rug in the lounge and had a long stretch and pottered over to say as I chatted away to him. Denny and Bot Bot decided to have a lay in under the sofa.  I cleaned out the litter tray and then washed up Lenny's bowl and prepared him some of his wet food which he tucked into as I then refreshed their water and topped up their dried food.  I took the rubbish out and said goodbye to Lenny.

PM; Lenny took his tablet while sat on my lap and was a good

Thursday 14th July pm; Lenny was the first to potter over to say hello and he enjoyed a long fuss. I sat on the carpet and Bot Bot appeared from the sofa and came over for a stroke.  He rolled around on the floor and looked very cute indeed, while Denny decided to stay under the sofa.  I gave Lenny his tablet and then his wet food.  Denny had a little scratch on the post and I checked the curtains and windows, before popping on the hall light and saying goodbye for tonight. See attached photos.

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