Friday 27th May; The boys were very god today and after the inital excitment when I arrived, they were soon sitting in their pen on request as I popped on their leads. We did our waits by the door and inside the porch, then pottered to the green where the dogs sat and had cuddles.  When they were calm, I took off their leads and they did their wees.  We kicked around the football for 15mins which the dogs loved.  At one point we had the two footballs going at the same time with Morris stalking them from under trees, while Marley cheated, standing right by the ball - ready to intercept.  We then did some heel work practice outside along the driveway and down to the street.  Morris did a poop so I scooped that up and placed into the bin.  Before I left, I took Morris to his bowl and he ate all his food - no doubt all the training and football had worked up an appetite and then the boys had a drink.  I washed the food bowl and popped this into the bathroom, then refreshed the water bowl in the dining area and also in the pen.  I placed their kongs in the pen and left two happy dogs munching down on their kongs.