Friday 3rd June; It's going to be a warm day today, so I watered the plants in the pots, tomatoes and vegetable patch before heading inside to see the little ones.  Gingie and Maggie must have been watching me as they arrived through the cat flap as soon as I entered the utility room.  I chatted away to Maggie who meowed back at me and had a good scratch on her post.  I told her she was a good girl as I washed up their bowls.  Gingie then weaved around me and meowed a few times, hurrying me along for their food.  They had lamb and chicken today with dried food and fresh water.  I realised I mixed up my days with the bin thinking it was today and noting all the other bins weren't out so I had noted it down wrong - I'm sorry!  I left the cats to enjoy their feed and told them their mum would be home to see them very soon.

Thursday 2nd June; The cats weren't inside when I arrived but they soon head me and jumped over the fence and popped their heads through the flap.  Maggie came over for a sniff and then as I washed up Gingie arrived and he was very chatty.  I gave him a long stroke as Maggie tucked into her lamb food this morning and had a crunch on her Go Cat.  Gingie purred very loudly indeed as he enjoyed all the fuss.  Maggie then decided she wanted some strokes too, so as Gingie ate, Maggie weaved around me.  The cats then joined me outside when it was time to go - Gingie gave himself a wash on the patio slabs, stretching his leg out rather impressively, as I said goodbye.

Wednesday 1st June; Maggie was outside and popped her head through the cat flap as I was washing up their bowls.  She meowed morning to me and enjoyed a little stroke across her back before Gingie arrived and he too enjoyed a little fuss.  This morning the cats tucked into some chicken which I had sprinkled some treats on top for them to enjoy.  I refreshed their dried food and checked the plants as the little ones munched down happily on their food.

Tuesday 31st May; Gingie and Maggie popped their heads in and out of the cat flap not sure whether to come in or nWt.  They decided that their tummys were just too hungry to resist the tempting smells of beef I popped down in their clean bowls.  Maggie and Gingie let me stroke them today and the pair of them chatted to me as I sorted out their food and refreshed their water and dried food too.  The little ones nose dived into their wet food and munched away as I cleaned up.  I left Gingie and Maggie still chomping away as I said goodbye for today.

Bank Holiday Monday 30th May; The little ones were in the dining area when I arrived this morning. Gingie and Maggie hopped out for their wees etc, while I chatted to Maggie when she came back inside to see what was for breakfast - chicken and lamb this morning.  The cats had eaten all their dried food, so they must have been hungry yesterday.  I ensured the bowl was full and changed their water. Gingie came out into the garden and watched me water the plants and then he let me give him a stroke, before I said goodbye.

Sunday 29th May; Maggie and Gingie were already more confident with me today than yesterday. Gingie enjoyed a stroke and weaved around me while Maggie had a good scratch on her post while looking at me washing up their bowls and wiping around their mat.  The pair of them hopped in and out of the flap for their comfort break.  Then I popped down their beef wet food and fresh water with dried food and Maggie had a munch down while Gingie decided on a stroll about the garden.  The weather is overcast today and Gingie accompanied me as I checked the tomatoes and pots.  He enjoyed a stroke before I said goodbye for today.

Saturday 28th May; Maggie popped her head through the cat flap when I arrived to see who was there.  I said hello and soon followed Gingie.  The cats made me smile as they realised I wasn't their family and they hopped back out of the flap and stood outside.  They waited a few seconds as I washed up their bowls and wiped over their mats, then both Maggie and Gingie decided to come back in and watch me.  I crouched down and chatted softly to them and Gingie enjoyed a gentle stroke while Maggie had a good sniff of my hand.  I gave them each a cat cat treat and they were interested in what was for breakfast - lamb today with some crunchy Go Cat on the side.  The weather is miserable, so the pots are all looking fine.  I said goodbye to the little ones as they both started to munch down on their food. See attached.