Friday 3rd June; When I arrived today Harley was sulking in the garden with the towel he had stolen! But was quickly by the front door when 'walkies was called' We headed down the road and walked up to the big field at the back. I let Harley off for a run about and we bumped in to my mum with Norman who Harley has had play dates with before. They where very pleased to see each other and Harley rushed in to the cornfields running around excitedly with norman jumping behind trying to keep up. They had a good run around together but Norman struggled to keep up and settled down in the shade. Norman was soon heading home so Harley and I continued our walk around the field and as we walked back through the sheep Harley was having a good nose at them, head in the air sniffing away. When we got back Harley was glad of a drink and lay flat out on the cool floor! I gave him a tummy rub and said a sad goodbye!

Thursday 2nd June; Harley went on his play date with Howard today and we all went to the fields by the cricket club. The sun was out so we took it slowly and I had my big bottle of water with me for the boys. Harley watched Howard drink from the bottle then copied him and enjoyed some gulps of cool water. The boys did lots of investigating of smells in the long grass and Harley had a little go on the horse jumps before having a munch on some grass. Harley scent marked on strategic spots on route from the jumps to high bushes and telephone poles ensuring all passing dogs would know Harley had been there. Harley had a little nose at the horses in the next field but was soon back to his sniff-a-thon. Howard and Harley had a little dash about but being so warm they soon slowed their pace again. Soon it was time to head back home where Harley enjoyed some fresh water and a doggie treat. See attached photo.

Friday 27th May; It was lovely to see Harley today as I havn't seen him in ages! He ran dwon the stairs ang I gave him lots of fuss before we headed out. At the bottom of the road we bumped in to the gorgeous little puppy that lives up the road. They where both very pleased to see each other and there was lots of licking and wagging tails! :)  Harley and i carried on down the road and walked up past the school in to teh faremers fields. Harley did lots of sniffing about and scent marking. He stuck his nose in all teh hedges having a good investigation of everything. Harley picked up a big stick and had a good chew on it before being distracted by a bird on the path that he couldn't resist chasing! :) Harley and I had a lovely wander before heading home. When we got back I refreshed his water and had a quick chat before saying goodbye to the lovely harley :)

Thrusday 26th May; The boys were delighted to see one another and we had a lovely walk through the fields to Bridgewater school until the rain pelted at us. Harley and Leo didn't care as they charged about. We met a lovely terrier who the boys had a play with before they dived through the tall grasses, bobbing up and down like seagulls riding the waves. As it was cooler today the boys had lots of energy and chased each other around until they were popped. Leo rolled around in the ditch while Harley looked on. Soon it was time to make our way through the fields back to the car. Once in the car I spotted Leo had cut his pad of his paw, so I drove to the vets and he got checked in while Harley patiently waited. Then it was back home for fresh water, a rub down and a munch on treats.

Monday 23rd May; Harley and Leo raced around the farmers fields happy to see one another. The crows circled above us as the boys slowed to sniff various bushes and long grasses. The wind whipped around us sending the boys ears flapping as they trotted through the buttercups. As we neared Bridgewater School fields Harley and Leo enjoyed some chase and wrestle games. Being cooler today the boys were not seeking out water puddles or bogs! Soon it was time to make our way back through the fields and a great last ditch attempt by Leo and Harley was had as they tried to sprint ahead of one another. Then it was into the car and back home for water and munchies. See attached.