Saturday 25th June; I pulled the bin and recycling boxes onto the lawn as they were blocking your car then I went in to see the little ones. Stoli and Rafferty were waiting for me in the kitchen and really enjoyed a long fuss from me.  Having sorted out their food and changed their water, I sat on the floor with them and gave Stoli a bush which made her chirp away and Rafferty purred as he kneaded his body into me. Stoli then enjoyed a morning wash and scratch before resuming her munching at the food. The cats were very happy to have company as I chatted away to them.  I told them that their mum would be back soon and I look forward to caring for them again.

Friday 24th June; Stoli was in her bed when I arrived and watched me as I cleaned out the food tray and wiped it over.  Having changed their water and sorted out their food (with a spinkling of treats), Stoli arose from her slumber and enjoyed a long stroke and head rub. She quietly purred and rubbed her body into my hand to maximise her stroking.  I called for Rafferty at the front and back, checking under the cars and he suddenly appeared via the cat flap. Rafferty enjoyed a long fuss and then got stuck into his food, chomping heartily enough at his cat crunchies.  Stoli decided it was time for a stroll outside and I said goodbye to the cats for today.