Saturday 11th June am; Cleo was on her usual spot on the sofa while Smudge was pottering around the table.  I gave the girls a good fuss and Cleo purred loudly.  I washed their bowls and prepared their food which Smudge tucked into.  As the girls ate I cleaned out the litter trays and changed the girls water.  I told them that their mum would be back today and pleased to see them.  I left the fork and bowl on a tea towel in the kitchen and did a final check of the girls before taking the dirty litter out to te black bin, and I said goodbye.

Friday 10th June am; Cleo was curled up on the pink blanket on the sofa and blinked herself awake when I arrived. I sat on the arm of the sofa as Cleo walked over to me stretching and yawning.  She purred very loudly as I made a good fuss of her.  Smudge wasn't too interested in strokes today, instead she weaved around the table leg as if to hurry me along to feed them.  I gave them their food and changed the water before heading upstairs to sort out the cup of water and litter.  I gave Cleo and Smudge some Whiskas treats sprinkled over their Science Plan food and Cleo crunched down on these while Smudge pottered off, no doubt to head back to bed.

PM; The girls enjoyed a feast tonight as I topped up their food, gave them their little pot of wet food and some of the fishy treats.  I was incredibly popular!  The girls purred in between mouthfuls as I stroked them, then I left them to enjoy their food in peace as I went and saw to the litter tray.  It's been another wet day today so all the plants seem to be coping well.

Thursday 9th June am; Smudge was asleep on the top level of the cat tree while Cleo had the sofa.  I sat with Cleo and she purred like crazy as I gave her a long head rub.  Smudge enjoyed a gentle stroke but I didn't like to distrub as she was resting.  I sorted out their food, water and then cleaned out the tray.  They seem to only be using the wood pellet one at the moment!  I chatted to the girls and gave them each a treat before saying goodbye.

PM; The girls were lounging around having a nap when I arrived.  They had eaten nearly all their food so I sorted this out and changed their water.  Smudge then sat on the stairs as I chatted away to the girls and Cleo purred from the sofa.  I sorted out their litter tray upstairs and gave Smudge a little brush before saying goodbye.

Wednesday 8th June am; Cleo and Smudge were enjoying the early morning sunshine filtering through the patio doors. Cleo was on the cat tree while Smudge was dozing at the base.  I chatted to the girls and had them both purring as I gave them a stroke and fuss.  Smudge and Cleo then weaved around the table in anticipation of their breakfast.  I popped down some treats for them too.  As they munched I cleaned their litter trays and changed their water.  I said goodbye as the girls munched and will see them again later.

PM; Smudge was upstair in the hallway and enjoyed a little head rub before retiring to one of the bedrooms while Cleo was by the food and let me stroke her.  I topped up their food and refreshed the girls water and checked their litter to make sure they were all happy.  I gave them a couple of Whiskas treats each which the girls chomped down on and seemed very happy with their munchies!

Tuesday 7th June am; Cleo enjoyed a stroke this morning and meowed hello as I greeted her. Smudge was chilling out enjoying a rest in the morning.  I gave the girls their breakfast and changed their water upstairs and down then went about cleaning out their litter.  Cleo tucked into her food and making sure they were all fine I said goodbye until later.

PM; The cats were both around to say hello and Smudge enjoyed a fuss and Cleo was confident enough to let me stroke her - I think they now know me as the 'food lady'!  As the girls munched on their tea, I cleaned out their litter and checked the plants to see if they were all ok.  I left the girls to enjoy their meal in peace and popped the dirty litter into the bin outside.

Monday 6th June am;  The girls were sleepy this morning yet Smudge enjoyed a little brush.  Both Smudge and Cleo were keen to see what was for breakfast and I gave them a couple of Whiskas treats each which they loved.  As the girls ate one at a one at the bowl, I changed their water upstairs and down then cleaned out their litter.  I left two happy cats munching away.

PM; Cleo was on the sofa dozing when I arrived and Smudge came over for a fuss.  The girls were watching me top up their food having measured it out, then I went to check on their litter trays.  I gave Cleo a stroke and Smudge purred as I chatted to her.  I popped the dirty litter into the bin outside and said goodbye to the girls for this evening.

Sunday 5th June am; The girls were in the lounge area when I arrived and Smudge weaved around me watching as I chatted to them and prepared their breakfast and fresh water. Smudge enjoyed a little brush this morning and purred then sat on the stairs as Cleo munched on her breakfast. I gave the girls a little cube each of their fish treat which went down well.  I cleaned out the litter upstairs and popped the dirty litter into the black bin and then said goodbye to the girls until later.

PM; Both the girls were there to greet me this evening and are already getting used to me I think as they both let me stroke them.  I topped up their food having measured it out and refreshed their water upstairs and down.  Cleo tucked into her food while I cleaned out the litter tray and chatted to Smudge who was watching me from the landing.  I then gave Smudge some fuss which she appreciated before saying goodbye.

Saturday 4th June pm; Smudge was pottering around the lounge while Cleo was perched on the cat house in the conservatory.  I chatted to Smudge as I measured out their food and refreshed their water and washed up the two empty bowls.  Cleo watched me as I went about my duties, while Smudge joined her sister. I cleaned out the litter tray upstairs and swept around then watered the plants outside as it's been warm today.  Smudge enjoyed a little stroke from me before she went upstairs again - I changed the water in the glass and checked the girls were ok then said goodbye until tomorrow. See attached.