Monday 11th July am; Monster was on his usual spot in the lounge with Cirrus under the piano stall as before.  Luna wasn't around and I called out and looked for her, so I figured she must have been out and about enjoying the lovely sunny morning.  The boys pottered into the kitchen to watch me prepare their food.  I wiped over their mats, and as it's hot today, I have given them two bowls of water with their fresh wet food and dried.  Monster and Cirrus tucked into their brekki and I told them that their mum and dad would be back to give them cuddles later today. 

Sunday 10th July am; Monster, Cirrus and Luna were all in the lounge this morning and Monster enjoyed a fuss and stretched, while Luna half closed her eyes as I stroked her gently. Cirrus wasn't too sure, so I chatted away to him as he then wandered along to watch me prepare their breakfast.  All the cats had a munch on their food and I popped off the hallway lamp before I said goodbye until later.

PM; Luna was outside enjoying a potter around and rubbed her cheek against a tub.  Meanwhile the boys were dozing in the lounge - Monster on the sofa while Cirrus was under the stall.  Monster wanted some strokes and I was happy to give him plenty.  Luna decided to hang outside and watch the world go by as I prepared their dinner. Monster and Cirrus tucked into the wet food as I changed their water and popped on the hallway light.

Saturday 9th July pm; Monster was fast asleep on the sofa in the lounge when I arrived and had a big stretch and then enjoyed a jolly good fuss. Luna then wandered in and said hello and weaved around the kitchen as I chatted to her. Meanwhile Cirrus decided it was best to stay under the piano stall - until he heard me washing their dishes.  All the cats were hungry for their wet food and I topped up their dried and refreshed their water.  I popped on the hall light and gave them a stroke before saying goodbye. See attached pictures.