Monday 25th July; Misty was dozing down the side of the sofa and as I went to give her a groom she hissed and wasn't too impressed, so I left her be. I adjusted the curtains then prepared her food and Metcam before watering the garden.  I said goodbye to Misty and told her, her mum would be back soon.

Saturday 23rd July; Misty wasn't around today when I arrived, so I washed up her bowls and prepared her food before popping the post onto the side and watering the plants.  I adjusted the curtains and hope to see Misty on Monday.

Thursday 21st July; Misty again wasn't around today but she'd eaten all her food. I washed up and prepared her food and water plus gave her the metacam on her wet food.  I adjusted the blinds and popped the rubbish outside.  The plants were very wet thanks to the great British weather!

Tuesday 19th July; Misty wasn't around this morning, so I washed up and prepared her food, Metacam and adjusted the blinds.  I sorted out the garden and popped a couple of footballs back over to the neighbour's house which had come into the patio area. 

Sunday 17th July; Misty was upstairs resting by the windows this morning.  I said hello and she decided to hiss, so I left her alone!  I adjusted the curtains, and prepared her food and Metcam and water.  I checked on the plants then popped the post to the side and left Misty in peace to enjoy her Sunday lay in.

Friday 15th July; Misty was by the large window upstairs and snuggled againstt the wall enjoying the shaft of sun on her.  She meowed away as I chatted to her and she just about let me give her cheek a rub - she's not interested in me coming near her at all with a brush!  I left Misty be as she seemed to be getting annoyed and set about preparing her breakfast and Metacam then watered the garden before saying goodbye to Misty.

Wednesday 13th July; Misty was in her usual spot upstairs by the window and meowed hello as I chatted to her.  She sniffed my hand and then let me stroke her as I chatted to her.  I adjusted the blinds and then set about washing Misty's bowls and preparing her food and Metacam. It's a pretty miserable day outside and the plants looked all well, so I didn't give them a water today.  I left Misty looking a little grouchy by the window.

Monday 11th July; Misty was upstairs in the lounge and meowed hello to me.  She let me stroke her head although wasn't too happy about it so I chatted to her as I adjusted the blinds.  I then washed up Misty's bowls - all the food had been eaten, so she was a hungry girl and prepared her food for her and Metacam.  I gave the plants outside a water as it's a nice day today and said goodbye to Misty who stayed upstairs dozing away.

Saturday 9th July; Misty was upstairs and meowed loudly at me.  She wouldn't let me give her a brush so I didn't want to push it with her so instead I chatted to her as I adjusted the blinds.  I popped the post onto the side, then washed up Misty's bowls - she had eaten all her food.  I prepared her food and fresh water and Metacam then watered the plants before leaving Misty to enjoy her food in peace.